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    John Heinsen
    Posted Apr, 28 2019
    Went to Ted's Appliances in late July to get a replacement washer for a rental unit. As of this writing, August 16th, I *might* have a working unit. I'm really not sure.

    The unit I purchased did not work properly out of the box (it failed completely at the spin cycle). I was understanding - it happens, no big deal, right? Since there was a guarantee, I requested that they take a look at it and figure out what was wrong. Serviceman no-call-no-shows me for the first appointment. They claim they tried to call me. My phone was with me and experiencing no difficulties so far as I could tell. Since they didn't leave a voicemail there's no way to be sure one way or another. At this point I'm still quite willing to give them the benefit of doubt.

    Three more days later, I get a guy to look at it. He confirms it's broken and says they need to take it in to service it. So that get scheduled for two days later. Again, no-call-no-show but they insist they called me. I had received phone calls from other companies all day, had my phone with me at all times and even called them earlier that day to confirm that, yes, someone would be there, but they said they won't stop out unless they call right before they show up and get an answer. The man at the office is, furthermore, incredibly rude about this.

    Two more days and I get someone out there to pick up the washer. No loaner was offered nor any mention of how long it would take. Two days later, I had to call them to find out they were bringing in a washer from the Battle Creek store as a replacement. The replacement washer (which was a completely different model) is out two days later (so six days from when they said the washer was broken), but it does not work. It does not even start, immediately displaying an error message. My tenant says that the serviceman left as soon as it was hooked up and turned on, with no further testing to confirm it was working. Just "it has power, the lights are on, have a nice day."

    I get another tech out to look at (several days later, despite my protest on the timeframe) and, sure enough, it can't be fixed. At least this time they agree to swap it at the same time they pick up the old unit. They again insist they tried to call me to confirm delivery but I didn't answer. This, time, though, I call them before they close and insist that they deliver that day. They do, under protest, bring the unit (another completely different model) they hook it up, my tenant insists that they run a cycle to ensure that it works and, lo and behold, this one doesn't work either.

    For those of you keeping score, that is THREE defective washers - THREE broken appliances they have had the audacity of installing in my rental under the pretense of selling me a suitable replacement.

    The next time I called, I was assured that the replacement would be brought today. The replacement did, in fact, come today. It was a completely different model for any of the previous (so the fourth model that had been brought) with a missing faceplate (so I don't actually know what make or model it is). My tenant tells me it's run through two full loads of laundry without breaking down, but I don't have high hopes for it and, frankly, Ted's can keep my money if it breaks down, provided it means I never have to deal with them again.

    As far as I can tell, they didn't actually break the terms of sale, which allows for replacement by way of substitution, but customer service isn't about what you can get away with without technically breaking your agreement. After the fifth or sixth time talking to them, I came to dread my daily (or multiple times daily) call to Ted's to try to get a washer I had already paid for.

    I give them 0 out of 10, 1 star (because it won't let me give them zero), F-minus-minus and will never EVER deal with them again, even if it means the washer breaks down today and I have to replace it out of pocket.

    UPDATE: I forgot to update this. The washer worked for 7 days and then broke down. It was used a total of 5 times. Did not work with Ted's further.
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